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If you are on this site, you may have heard the phrase “safety representative education“. Many people think that this is only for those who work on HSE field. But this is not the case. We’ve already met with participant who was just interested in the topic. Somebody works as a HR colleague with quite intensive contact with the company ‘s HSE team and wants to see and understand the big picture. There are also people who work as project managers in industries or companies where occupational safety is more important than the average and they want to know the safety regulations.

But it has also happened that someone recognized at a safety representative training that he was interested in this topic and chose this area for further studies. For example, if you are also expecting some good news regarding your university application where you may have chosen occupational safety courses such as BME, the University of Nyíregyháza, or the University of Óbuda, then a 16-hour safety representative training can be a perfect platform to get a generous, a comprehensive picture of what you will learn in the next coming years.

If you are interested but have no qualifications, don’t worry! Anyone can take part in safety representative training courses of Safety Centrum. We organize trainings in Budapest and in the countryside as well, according to the needs of the participants. On the top of that our company has accredited trainings, so if you are studying at us, you will attend a training which is in line with adult education law and receive a corresponding diploma.

If you would like to know more about the conditions for safe and accident-free work, please contact us as soon as possible.