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We were faced several times with occupational health and fire safety education related questions; so we’d like to help you with a brief compilation that hopefully will reveal all the important details.

When do I have to organize occupational health training to my colleagues?

When they start to work as newcomer

Newcomers on the day of their commencement have to participate some occupational safety training in order to know the requirements and policies of their new workplace for an accident-free work. Well organizing this training is not an easy and cheap task for larger companies, as training may be required really often depending on the arrival of new entrants.

We have several online solutions available to educate the new colleagues; which makes the whole procedure more flexible and gives a kind of safe feeling to the newcomers of being able to consult with a dedicated health and safety expert from day one. Until the knowledge is acquired, the employee cannot be self-employed – obviously it makes a different sense for a manufacturer and a service company.

When a problem happens

1) Extraordinary safety training has to be organized immediately when the management and the HSE expert decide so after a work or road accident.
2) If the technology or machinery used so far is changed to such an extent that professional managers and occupational safety specialists think it may be necessary to have an extra training


If we look at the Hungarian regulation of the occupational health area in black and white, currently there is no requirement for annual work safety training. But in case of fire safety, there is. So that is why in most of the cases the HSE professionals take the advantage of gathering together once in a year and they speak about the occupational safety as well.

And when should I organize fire safety education?

The logic is very similar to occupational health. Definitely when new colleagues enter. When a fire-related accident or even a quasi-accident happens; the management – in accordance with the fire safety experts’ professional opinion – may decide at any time to organize an extraordinary training for the company’s employees.

Interestingly, in the case of fire safety, there is a strict requirement that colleagues must participate at a fire safety training every year.

Are the online fire and occupational health trainings accepted in Hungary?

More and more people are working from home so it started to became an inportant question. And the answer is yes. f the trainer and the participants can connect on any online interface, then the training can take place virtually as well. What is important to have a signed form by the attendants about the participation.

Who can held a training?

In theory anyone, fire or work safety related qualification is not needed. In many cases a dedicated HR colleague is dealing with these kind of trainings which is absolutely OK, but if the trainer has absolutely no background in the subject, he or she will usually just cut through the compulsory part of the material – in worse case just shows where to sign the sheet of participation – and that is where the terrible boring fire and work safety trainings come from.

In our opinion, if you want to provide high quality and enjoyable training to your colleagues, then
1) hire a professional service provider such as Safety Centrum who has all the necessary equipments for a good training, for example VR glasses for learning the usage of fire extinguisher
2) request a so called “train the trainer” training, where occupational health and fire safety professionals prepare a training material which is tailor-made for your own company, regulations, technology and provides the possibility for the in-house trainers to gather all the necessary, company specific knowledge
3) give the chance to the in-house trainers to learn the basics at least and then they will be able to answer the questions of colleagues during the eductions. Perfect possibility for this is the 16-hours safety representative training.

What should the training be about?

It should be in line with the fire and work safety education thematic – prepared by a professional – and, in addition, if you want to give your colleagues a real, hands-on education, you should add company specific requirements as well.

Who needs to attend these trainings?

In short, anyone who works for the company as employee or works at the therritory of the company as contractor. In addition, we recommend to extend this scope to people on site for a given period of time (likeĀ  project work) or, depending on the profile, to suppliers who are more at risk due to the nature of goods they are working with or the location.

In case of any other fire safety and occupational health related questions please feel free to contact us.