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Fortunately, more and more companies are recognizing that their employees are not the same. Everyone has a different life situation, so working effectively also means something else for everyone. Some people using working from distance because of geographical distances, or simply to save time. Some people have a permanent afternoon or a constant night shift. Some people can only work 4 or 6 hours and sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon.

Our online work and fire safety training is designed to meet such special needs.

And how exactly does it work? We do not deliver an ’on the shelf’ product to each of our partners with the same content. Safety Centrum offers the ultimate flexibility. Before the online fire safety and occupational health training, we will discover the profile of our partner and the area in which they operate; and we tailor-made our online educational material accordingly. We will be happy to send the final version to the relevant HSE or HR colleagues before the training, and will be delighted to organize even a demo session.

After that, the online education itself can come. The language of training can be either English or Hungarian. Our partners can freely vary whether they want to conduct online training in a larger or smaller group or individually. The time of commencement of education, the number of sessions and their duration can also be customized according to individual needs (for example, a 2-hour course can be held once for 2 hours or even twice in one hour).

The participants need nothing more than internet connection, a laptop or mobile phone, and registration in any video calling and screen sharing program (eg Skype).

At the end of the online work and fire safety training, everyone gets a attendance form to sign and a test to fill out.

If you want you to enjoy all the benefits of personalized, online training or if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our expert team!