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Safety audits and inspections

Don’t wait for your colleagues getting in trouble, be proactive!

Internal fire and safety audit

Fortunately more and more companies decide not to wait until they get into trouble, but they proactively face with their safety issues and ask us to hold an internal, fire and safety audit every quarter or semester. We are delighted to receive such requests, as it is in our common interest to keep safety as many employees as possible.

During these internal inspections, we usually check together the documents were created in the past. Are you sure everyone has participated on the health & safety training? Have the fire extinguishers been maintained properly? Was everything OK during the last check of the fire alarm system?
With these occupational and fire safety audits, our partners have the fantastic opportunity to constantly improve their own safety KPIs, develop and consequently reduce the probability of a possible regulatory fine.

Another group of our reviews are inspections of machines and equipment. Let’s have a look at them as well:

Inspections of machines and equipment

Electric shock protection test

In order to make sure that the used machines do not pose a risk of contact with electricity, they must be checked by an electrician specialist in every 3 years. The subject of this review should be all the device that can be found at a given site of the company, are powered by electricity and do not constitute a portable tool (which needs to be checked annually).

Preliminary health & safety review

This review is needed in case of those new, hazardous equipment and machines which are not in use yet. The occupational health & safety specialist should check whether the machine’s papers and attached descriptions are suitable, the safety equipment is available and the usage of the new machine is not generating any safety issues at workplace.

Periodic Safety Inspection

The review should be carried out on that hazardous equipment which can cause health and safety risk due to the potential damaging effect. The frequency of reviews should be defined by the employer but the manufacturers’ recommendation should be also taken into account. Maximum length of frequency is five years.

If you would like to use the machinery inspection services of Safety Centrum, please feel free to contact us. You can find our professional articles on the above topics here.