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If you also need a reliable fire and health & safety partner whom you can call at any time when you have any questions; who will help you to prepare professional safety related materials or communications, campaigns within your company; who is supporting you on the HSE strategy, or who will investigate and record any accidents at work; then you are at the best place. We recommend our continuous availability of fire and health & safety service.

We can help you in a lot of different cases. We are there with our clients when they are developing and implementing their home office or remote working frameworks, as they also have an occupational safety aspect. We help you consider whether there is any fire or workplace safety problem at a particular location and if you need to make a resolution about it you can also ask our help. If HR professionals cannot make a clear decision on a work or a commuting accident, then, based on the description of the circumstances, the Safety Centrum’s expert team will help you examine and decide.

We are at your disposal with tailor made solutions, in order to create the highest possible level of safety together, for you and your colleagues. We are happy to collaborate via email, phone, Skype or in person. Our service can be freely combined with for example the safety audits. In this case, our experts will assess the current fire and health & safety situation of your sites with the frequency you need. During the review, we can already consult with the professionals you have appointed who will accompany us during the reviews. After the audit a report is created with photos which also provides a good basis for discussing and solving the open issues.

Do you have to implement the mother company’s global policy or need to present something in English for the group board? This is not a problem as our experts have decades of experience in meeting the expectations of multinational companies and they speak fluent English.

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