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We build strong foundations with the best professional documents for you

Work and fire safety is always based on good documentations. It is much easier to comply with the standards if they are set in a clear, personalized and accurate framework.
The most common, basic documents are:

Risk assessment

Employers even with one employee are enforced to prepare an occupational health and safety related risk assessment. Within the framework of this document, our health & safety specialist assesses what psychosocial, possibly chemical, physical, or other hazards workers may be exposed during their work. We also prepare a specific recommendation and risk analysis on how to mitigate these threats. If it’s easier to our partner, then individual projects can be launched to reduce the risk factors.
We believe that the preparation of a risk assessment should be an interactive process in which we get to know the working methods, processes and technologies of our partner; which can be also an excellent basis for the preparation of a personalized fire or health & safety policy.

Occupational health and fire safety regulations

Policies made by Safety Centrum are always unique. We listen to the needs of our customers, incorporate their peculiarities and, if they want us, we also consider the standards of their mother companies. There is no two companies which would be the same, just like in case of human beings. So if we want the fire and health & safety rules to be lifelike and thereby easily usable, then it must be personalized.

Occupational health examination

An important component of workplace safety regulations and rules is the establishment of an occupational health examination procedure. In this document, it is described that for who (which positions) how often it is required to attend to the checkup and what type of. This may depend on your age, the nature of your work, or for example, what chemicals you have to use during your work. It is important to have consistency between the occupational health service provider and the health & safety professional in relation to the medical examination procedure, so we always consult with our partner’s doctor or health care provider prior to entry into force.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) policy

If the industry and company profile requires, it may be necessary to provide personal protective equipment to the colleagues. There are completely different risks in a warehouse or a lab, so personalization is very important here as well. If we know our client’s occupational safety regulations, profile and history of possible work accidents in recent years; we will create a personalized PPE system and policy for the needs of our partner.

Evacuation calculation

It can be prepared only by a fire safety specialist and serves a dual purpose. On one hand, we find out whether the number of employees in a given room can escape safely in case of a fire; on the other hand we will know the maximum capacity of the room.

Fire evacuation plan

For example, a fire evacuation plan should be prepared if the building has a capacity of more than 300 people, but if it is a hotel, then the capacity limit is 20 beds from this document point of view. There are two types of appearance of the plan. A description that tells you what to do in case of a fire alarm. The other is a graphical floor map based on what everybody has to be able to find out where we stand inside the building and where we can find for example a fire extinguisher or the escape routes. It is important to review the floor plan time to time and if there is any change in the inner layout then the document has to be updated as well.

Any fire and health & safety documentation is available in Hungarian and English as well.

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