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Same in English – or what are the differences between Hungarian and English HSE education?

More and more companies are providing opportunities for foreign employees to join their team, thus broadening the cultural palette and knowledge base. However, fire safety and occupational health regulations must be taken into account in case of Hungarian speakers as...

Fire and worksafety in a Hungarian home office

As the issue is more relevant than ever, it's worth to discuss what to do if someone has an accident in home office and what fire protection requirements our home must meet in case of remote work. But first, a little anomaly of wording. Simultaneously with the...

Fire windows and doors

A fire doors and windows are fantastic invention. To a layman, it might be just a heavy gray door at the corridor, but it's much more than that. Thanks to the rapid development of technical solutions, doors, windows and gates made by new methods began to emerge...

10 Christmas Safety Tips – for office and home

# 1 Don't stress The year-end closure of companies is already exploded. In most of the cases, this means tight deadlines and increased workload, which should be solved with fewer and fewer colleagues as the holiday season is coming. Many people overcomplicate life...

Workplace ergonomics – industry

When we hear the word ergonomics, we tend to associate it with the word "comfortable." This is, after all, not entirely out of the truth, but I think it is more appropriate what Wikipedia's article telling: "The work environment should fit to the person, not the...



Health & safety and fire safety educations with the most up-to-date online solutions. What you can get from Safety Centrum is a cool, enjoyable and understandable first-aid or accredited occupational safety representative training.


We are happy to prepare fire and occupational safety documentation based on your individual needs, whether in Hungarian or English, taking into account the expectations of the parent company – if it’s needed. Health and safety policy, risk assessment, evacuation calculation, fire regulations or fire alarm plan is also available at us.


If you want to make sure that your workplace is safe, the best way is to organize your own internal fire safety inspections and work safety reviews. In these internal audits, we review the relevant documents together with the client, walk through the effected buildings and prepare a report (with photos if needed) of the proposed changes on request.


Our customers who use this service can contact us at any time, with any kind of fire or occupational safety questions, work accident investigation, regulatory communication or if any professional advice is needed. If you would like to have a reliable professional support, please contact us.


If you are a freshly graduated fire safety or occupational safety specialist; if you need to prepare your first policy, evacuation calculation or any professional material and need advice; or if you just want to consult on any professional issues online, please feel free to contact us for service details.



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About us

Our main goal is to provide HSE services to mainly SMEs who wants to create a safe working environment and would like to meet with regulatory expectations.

The solutions we offer are tailor made, so after getting know the needs and issues of the partner, we can answer exactly the customer’s questions thereby provide professional advice and high quality materials. With this method, we try to maximize the satisfaction of our clients.

We truly believe that the field of HSE can be also understandable, so questions are answered in the light of this thought.


Tűzvédelem és Munkavédelem Safety Centrum
Tűzvédelem és Munkavédelem Safety Centrum