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Support in first professional steps

Our Mentoring service is mainly for those who are freshly graduated in fire safety or health & safety. We still remember how the first time felt when we had to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired during the school time.

On the theoretical classes it seems relatively simple, but it is easy to be uncertain when we need to prepare our first evacuation calculation or health & safety policies without help.
In our mentoring program, we help you in your first independent professional steps. We will review your calculations, help you prepare your policies or any documentation, and if you need so, during a personal safety audit we can even show you the tricks of professional communication and the most important areas to be monitored.

You can even use our program online, as we can talk at a video conference. But how does the Safety Centrum mentoring program look exactly? Let’s check it step by step.

1)   If you finished the occupational health & safety or fire safety specialist school just now and you feel that a little support would be good for your first job, please contact us.
2)   For the time being, give us a broad outline of the type of problem you are experiencing and how you would expect help. For example:

  • You have already got your first task, which is to read and comment an old health & safety policy, and you are not sure you will notice everything you need
  • You will carry out a risk assessment, but you do not know how to weight the individual factors
  • You have just begun to work in the profession, you have no specific task yet, but you would like to ask anyone about any professional topic in the coming weeks or months.

Please note that when preparing your description, you need to be sufficiently detailed for us, to be able to give you a fair price for our mentoring service; however, you should not share any classified or personal information (specific person names or company names, etc.).

3)  What we are trying to do is to send you our quotation for our service as soon as possible according to your description and needs. If this is what you like, then we can start working together, the phone lines can burn. 🙂

If you are interested in the details, feel free to contact us or you may want to read our professional articles here.