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Fire and health & safety trainings

Let’s share knowledge with each other and ensure your colleagues are safe

It is almost 100% sure that fire and health & safety trainings are required by law at your workplace as well. So why not to organize it together? You tell us how you work, what kind of technologies you use and the necessary details about the processes; and we show you how you can work safely.

But what exactly should be part of a health & safety training? If we look at it in black and white then what is included in the fire and health & safety policies „training content” chapter – which has to be prepared by an official health & safety specialist. However, this is not enough anymore. In order to meet with the newest expectations of audience and have an interactive education from what you can really learn, you need much more then following the defined training thematic.

We try to do everything to make our training as understandable and enjoyable as possible.

We do this by first getting to know our partner’s business and industry. What kind of machines are used, what chemicals are present on the site, whether there has been a work accident in recent years and, if so, in which area, or whether our partner is having mainly office work, where stress prevention and ergonomics should be highlighted. We also consider what the corporate culture supports: online or classroom training and exams; and so on.

At the same time, we become familiar with the regulatory background of our partner and the standards of mother company in case of a multinational corporation. For a good training it is essential to know the necessary frameworks of the given firm and business area. If our partner does not have a health & safety and fire safety policy or training content, we are happy to help and prepare them.

During the fire safety trainings we like to show as many interesting educational videos as possible, to discuss case studies and to be interactive. The whole education is more memorable if we are not just talking about using a fire extinguisher but try them in live, right?! Using the advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies, it is also possible to develop a real fire extinguishing skill with the help of smart glasses. We need only virtual reality (VR) glasses and a burning office or a warehouse will come alive before our eyes.

During the health & safety training we present the tools, rules and mechanisms, if possible interactively, that enable participants to protect themselves or their colleagues from injury.

The training is closed usually with an exam, which can be completed online via your smartphone easily and quickly. Training materials are available in English and Hungarian and can be easily and flexibly personalize based on our partners’ needs. Our team members have several years of multinational corporate experience.

Do you have colleagues who work remotely and find it difficult to travel due to work and fire safety education? Do you have moms in your team who have a more flexible time schedule? Or do you just want to keep up with the modern trends?

Then choose Safety Centrum’s online training!

We offer the widest range of flexibility. The timing, duration and language of the sessions can be tailored to your needs. All you need is internet connection, a computer and registration in any video call application. And how is Safety Centrum’s online fire safety and occupational health education different from other ’on the shelf’ products, available on the internet? We are not trying to force the same mass product and mass knowledge on everyone; but in the design phase of the educational material, we take into account the profile of our partner and the scheduling of the participants. At our online education, participants have the opportunity to ask questions or share their own story at any time of the training.

If you also want your colleagues to learn how to keep the fire and work safety rules and maximize their safety interactively with 21st century solutions; then contact us on any of our contact details.

Accredited occupational safety representative training

Due to a change in legislation that came into force in January, today only accredited safety representative trainings are accepted. Our trainings are exactly like these, so there is no reason to panic, you are at the right place to look for an officially accredited safety representative training for yourself or your colleagues. If you are not really familiar with the subject, we recommend you to review our article which summarizes the roles and responsibilities of a safety representative.

There are two types of training and two types of implementation, let’s see which is for you.

16-hour basic training

For the newly elected occupational safety representatives our 16-hour basic training is required. During the training session we are dealing with the legal basics, the duties of the safety representatives, the importance of risk assessment, we are touching the most important workplace ergonomics issues, looking at specific case studies, and also discussing the basics of first aid. The training is closed with an exam, and if the participant is passing successfully then the accredited certification will be issued. Please feel free to contact us for details.

This 16-hour basic course can take place at Budapest, in our education center, in a group with maximum 12 participants from different industries; but if it is more comfortable for you and your colleagues; we are ready to organize the training at your HQ, wherever it is in Hungary.

8-hour advanced training

For those who have been acting as safety representatives for a long time, it is enough to attend the 8-hour advanced training; however, they must go annually. During this occasion, we look at the most important legislative and standardization changes that have occurred in the past year; we repeat the key topics for example, stress management, how to collaborate in case of an incident, what counts as work related accident and what is not, etc. and we try to discuss the personal examples given by the trainers and students

In terms of implementation the same rules apply here: can be in Budapest centrally or at your own premises anywhere in the country.

For further details about possible training dates and occasions please contact us directly.

Most important prerequisites for participating in a safety representative training:

  • 18 years required
  • There is no need for professional pre-qualification
  • Pre-payment of the course fee is required to attend the course

If you have any question regarding our training, please feel free to contact us!

First aid training

Growing heroes, or how to be a first aid person at work

For us, anyone who helps for people in need is a kind of hero. This is exactly the same feeling in case of first-aiders at the workplace as they are committed to saving lives, if necessary.

Every company having at least one employee must have at least one appointed and trained first aid person. In order for someone to be officially first-aid in your workplace, it is not enough to do the regular, driving license required training. First aid is typically the practical knowledge which can be easily forgotten unfortunately if we do not practice it for some time and then we will stand with trembling hands when there is a real need for us.
Our instructors have many years of active professional experience in health care; they are also very good performers, so the participants will feel more at a team building than first aid training. We want to work with as many practical tools as possible and see as many life-like situations as possible in the context of interactive sessions.

Usually, workplace first aid training is held at our client’s premises, but if you have other ideas, please let us know and we will try to fulfill your requests.

If you think you or your colleagues need a little bit of knowledge update on first aid, or just want to pick up the Superman outfit under the shirt, please feel free to contact us!